November 02, 2016
Bye Week Thoughts

The bye week is the one small break that NFL players get in between July and the New Year. It can be an exhausting grind to have to endure. The reason why so many of us look forward to the bye week is that is our one moment of peace in the midst of all of our chaos. Some guys take a quick vacation and get away from it all. Others, like Torrey Smith, took time out of their bye week to make a difference in the community. He went back to Baltimore to host a panel discussion on how the community can better support Baltimore youth.

As for me, I took some much needed time with my family: I went to see my brother, took a trip to Disneyland and grilled out some. It was the perfect stretch of rest and relaxation that will help keep me going for the rest of our season ahead.

Our first test after our bye is Sunday against the Saints. All of us DBs know we are in for a test against Drew Brees. He’s a no doubt Hall-of-Famer who still keeps picking apart defenses after all these years. We are going to have to be at our best this week. Brandin Cooks is one of Drew’s favorite targets and he possesses game breaking speed. Michael Thomas and Willie Snead both have earned Drew’s trust and are talented receivers in their own right. The Saints strength in their passing game is that you cannot focus on one guy. If you do, you better believe that Drew will hurt you.

As amazing as our week of rest was, I am pumped to get back to playing football. Can’t wait for Sunday and to be back in front of all y’all at Levi’s Stadium. See you Sunday!!!