October 20, 2016
Eric Reid Discusses Last Week’s Loss in Buffalo and Previews the Buccaneers

The offense played really well against the Bills, but the defense obviously struggled. Up until the beginning of the fourth quarter, we were in the game. Our offense was moving the ball and being very productive, so that’s a positive aspect we can take away from Sunday’s loss. The defense now has to step up and not let the game get away from us so we have a chance to win.

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We watched the tape and will make the necessary corrections defensively. We had a great week of practice going into last week’s game, but we have to be able to play how we practice. They came out and did everything we expected them to do; we just got out of position on some plays. We’ve got to stay disciplined for 60 minutes.

As for the Buccaneers, their quarterback is very confident. He’s an athlete that makes great plays, and when he makes a bad play, it doesn’t bother him. When watching the tape, he doesn’t shy away from throws, and he takes chances deep because he believes in his receivers. There will be opportunities for us to create turnovers, and we must take advantage of those opportunities.

There are some positive things that came out of last week, but we’ve got to stop shooting ourselves in the foot. We’ve got to get this bad taste out of our mouth. We are on a losing streak, and we must get back on track. It starts this week with Tampa Bay, and we need to go into next week’s bye week with a win. Then, we can evaluate ourselves, get healthy and continue to stay on track. It’s a must win this week.