September 09, 2017
Talking With My Shoulder Pads

I’m loving my new role on the defense of being an in the box safety. I’m around the ball more and I anticipate being able to make more tackles throughout the season. My body type of being a bigger safety has allowed me to be a perfect fit for this role. I’m getting to use the size that God blessed me with and now I get to let my shoulder pads do the talking when I’m on the field. I love that Coach Saleh wants us to play the game as physical as possible. That mentality is infectious in fueling our guys to go out and make big plays. Our defense is jacked!


I have to do my fair share of talking on the field now that I’m one of our most experienced DBs. I’m trying my best to teach these young guys what I know. I’ve had the privilege of learning from guys like Donte Whitner and Antoine Bethea. Now, I get to take that knowledge and pass it on to these younger guys. I want to be the guy who can step out on the field and make big plays and help put others in a good position.


While our defense is going to be physical, our offense is going to be methodical. Coach Shanahan is a very detailed guy who knows how to put a great game plan together. He has a purpose in every single play that he calls. He commits hard to the run game, which will allow us to open up play action.


There’s a reason why Coach Shanahan helped to break all those records in Atlanta and I can’t wait to show the league why when we take the field. We want to help prove to everyone that San Francisco football is back and ready to make a deep run into the playoffs.