November 09, 2016
49ers DC Jim O'Neil singles out Eric Reid as consistent player

49ers coaches have cited inconsistency on multiple occasions as a reason the team has had so many struggles this season. On Tuesday, defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil mentioned the team's inconsistency once again.

"What wins in this league is consistency," O'Neil said. "What wins in professional sports is consistency and if you’re not consistent week in and week out, you’re not going to win.”

Nowhere on the team has there been less consistency than defense, where the 49ers face the prospect of being historically bad if they don't find a way to reverse trends over the next few games. But there has been one player who has stood out as consistent this year, O'Neil said.

“Eric Reid jumps out to me," O'Neil said. "I think he’s been really consistent for us. Very solid. If you had to ask for one, that would be the one I would probably say."

Reid has helped out in multiple ways on defense, including a spot at dime linebacker in Sunday's loss to the Saints.

"Eric Reid has done so much for us positionally just to try to patch up some holes," O'Neil said. "We played him a lot at dime backer this week. So, that was a new position for him... We just used him there on third down situations and some obvious passing situations to take advantage of some matchups, some man-coverage matchups.”

Reid's performance on Sunday earned him the game's highest grade (83.0) from Reid has 50 tackles and one forced fumble this season.



Kirk Larrabee | | November 8, 2016